Sarah Danner IBW2019 schreibt die beste Thesis Deutschlands

Foto: (C) REDPEAR/Kermann

HFU student Sarah Danner wins Academic Award from National Association of German Direct Sales (Bundesverband Deutscher Direktvertrieb – BDD) for best bachelor’s thesis in Germany

(Schwenningen) The HFU Business School is delighted to announce that Business School graduate Sarah Danner has won the best bachelor’s thesis award for her thesis on Direct Sales in Germany.
„We do not buy particular brands because we love them, we love them because we have bought them“.

This counter-intuitive marketing hypothesis is what Sarah Danner, a graduate of International Business (IBW), investigated in her bachelor‘s thesis, and why she was nominated by the HFU
Business School in spring for the BDD Academic Award.
The award ceremony for the best thesis was held last week during the annual Direct Sales Congress, which took place from 29-30 September 2020 in Leipzig.
The prize was awarded by Florian Kraus, a University of Mannheim professor and Chairman of the Academic Council of the BDD. He also heads a committee of 16 universities whose goal is to interest students and future academics in direct sales research.
During the awards ceremony, Sarah Danner was given the opportunity to present once again the results of her study in a 2-minute speech to the distinguished audience.
The bachelor’s thesis was supervised by Kai-Markus Müller, Professor of Consumer Behaviour at HFU and international consultant as an expert in the field of applied neuro-economics.
The HFU Business School is extremely proud of IBW student Sarah Danner and would like to extend heartfelt congratulations on her outstanding success.

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