‘Innovation Meets Entrepreneurship’- Business Talks’ first ever online symposium.

Business Talks organised the first edition of Business Talks online symposium from April 15 to 17,2020. Driving the theme, ‘Innovation Meets Entrepreneurship’, the online symposium was organised with a purpose to give the students a peek into the world business and bridge the gap. The aim was to accelerate the ‘Entrepreneur’ mindset in every student and take a holistic approach in help them define a path forward.

The three days of the online symposium ie. 15 April – 17 April 2020 saw an array of 6 really interesting speakers. Each of them being a self-made industry expert, each with a different perspective to the theme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The 6 power-packed sessions covered topics such as – How is Sale different in Asia compared to Europe, Radical Innovation, Crisis pushes creativity to a new level, The innovators guide: from Idea to marketplace, Successful digitization needs a heart and Launching an innovative business.

With an audience of 350 participants through the 3 day event the sessions resonated with experiences from speakers and participants alike.
Addressing the issues of varying work culture that impacts the working conditions of a budding company, Philipp Harder (IB 2000), International Sales& Marketing Manager at Happersberger otopront GmbH conveyed out loud and clear that there is a strong relationship between culture, communication, and how we build relations with customers. It’s a journey to develop a shared understanding of the present to plan actions for the future.

Answering the question – Innovation is the key to success but is that sufficient. How to invade new markets and avoid stagnating? Steffen Erath, Head of Innovation at Hansgrohe explained how radical innovation lives in a symbiotic relationship with the existing business model and how to go around launching your innovation in market.

Prof. Dr. Jur. Bernhard Plum, professor at HFU and Bert Martin Ohnemüller, founder Neuromerchandising examined with all participants the innovation process, and quickly transitioned into exploring how to successfully bring innovations to market. They also analysed how to tune our mind to convert a breakdown to a breakthrough.
Day 3 saw Jonathan O’Reilly, CEO U&I Smarthome and Lea Antonia Varga (IBM 2018), founder of Više sharing their valuable learnings from their journey of entrepreneurship. Their pitfalls and how to tackle them, their achievement and how did they reached them and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. They answered questions of every budding entrepreneur within the participants who has always had questions but never knew whom to ask to.

The event was organised by a team of IBM4 Business Talks members as part of their semester project. “The experience of organising such an event and being able to interact with such experts was a real eye opener for me and my fellow participants”, says one of the organiser cum participant of the event. Business Talks promises to come back soon with more such inspiring events for all.

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