Elective: Introduction to wine tasting / online event by Paul Taylor

(Schwenningen) On Thursday, February 4th, Paul Taylor’s Introduction to Wine tasting course was held online for the first time. This event is usually the final class of the Marketing Wines elective and offers students the chance to taste some premium wines as well as learn the basics about wine tasting. The event was extended to staff of the business school, and on Thursday evening at 7 o’clock, everyone gathered online with six wine samples and six wine glasses on the tasting mat.

The wines were tasted in three flights, or pairs, of two wines. The first flight was two Sauvignon Blanc wines, one from the Loire Valley and one from New Zealand, to compare wines of the same grape variety but different country of origin. The second flight compared two red wines of different vintage from Rioja in Spain, to see how ageing wine in oak barrels makes a difference to the flavour and aroma. The third flight was a comparison of two red wines from Bordeaux: a basic branded wine and an award-winning vintage wine from a family-owned estate.

It was a fascinating experience both for newcomers and seasoned wine drinkers and gave everyone something to remember next time they buy a bottle of wine for the evening!

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